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HONG KONG | We discovered Yucasii’s eye-catching patterns and  the delicate colors and geometric shapes  of their designs during the latest edition of the Hong Kong Fashion Week AW16. The concept behind the brand pays tribute to the simplicity and gracefulness of Japanese beauty. It was launched in Japan in 2014 by fashion designer Yuka Yoshida. She was playing with the idea of creating a brand fully devoted to the one piece dress where simplicity would be at the core of her creations.   Looking back to her Japanese roots and the ancient tradition of Origami, Yoshida came up with the idea of creating unique and rich fabrics inspired by the Japanese classic paper Washi, which is the type of paper used to make Origami. From there she designed a triangular shape for her one piece dresses borrowing from the silhouettes of the Kimono (the Japanese traditional garment), the hidden beauty of Ishiniwa (the Japanese stone garden); and the powerful simplicity of Ikebana (the Japanese flower arrangement).   Yucasii is an ancient Japanese name that describes fascination and strong attraction to something. And that’s precisely the type of feeling that Yoshida wants her one-piece dresses to transmit. The irregularity of the shapes and the asymmetries is her way of meeting tradition with a more contemporary style. The use of rich fabrics add a sophisticate touch of quality and comfort to the grace and playfulness of Yucasii’s designs and patterns. Yucasii is available at their online store; and at stores across Japan and at the cities of Singapore, Taipei and Paris.   PHOTOS COURTESY OF YUCASII.  

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