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HONG KONG | We love it when we see crossovers between fashion and dance. Designer Yannes Wong latest 'Tiny Dancer' collection  for her label LaPewee is inspired by the clothing used by ballet dancers. Winter is almost over, but in Hong Kong the weather is still quite chilly, so why not get some dance-inspired ideas for the last weeks of Winter from this ready-to-wear label based in Hong Kong. LaPeewee uses light fabrics such satin and organza in black, White, grey, navy and maroon colors to emulate the softness and lightness of dancers' garments. Layering, which is one of dancer’s outfits great feature, is also key to this collection. (Click gallery to enlarge) Ultimately LaPeewee’s AW15 collection portrays the gracefulness of dancers and how day to day practice and persistent training allow dancers to move with such freedom. PHOTOS COURTESY OF LAPEWEE.

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