Earth to Iris was created as a platform where Eastern and Western readers can discover the most up to date trends from both cultures. Shopping spots for all kind of budgets, travel destinations, dining options, lifestyle trends, fashion icons and much more. Mostly featuring innovative projects and creative ideas from Asia, Earth to Iris is also a style handbook with a detailed selection of the most special shopping spots in Barcelona, our home town. All the photos are ours, unless stated otherwise. Iris Mir started blogging from Beijing while working in Asia as a reporter and public relations and communication consultant. She spent 8 years in Beijing  researching and writing about innovative and creative projects in China and Southeast Asia. She's focused in issues such e-commerce, social commerce, social media and branding. As a Public Relations consultant she especialises in designing PR and multimedia content strategies in China and Southeast Asia. Iris is currently based in Hong Kong where she co-founded DupleLab; a multimedia content marketing laboratory for engaging brands. Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, she holds a B.A. in Media Studies and Communication and an M.Sc in International Politics. Iris’ passion for learning and discovering new brands and lifestyle trends coming out in Asia drove her to create earthtoiris.com. She likes to write about the things that attract her curiosity and draw her attention. la foto-8 Earth to Iris wouldn't be possible without the contribution of Carme Navajas and her natural instinct to spot new trends, fashion icons and lifestyle. Her attention to detail brings her to make of all of her trips and journeys a permanent discovery of new and exciting shopping spots and trendy venues. Her editorial skills date back to the  80s when she started contributing to the renowned Spanish women magazine La Vanguardia Mujer, among other publications. Born  and raised in Barcelona, Spain, she is a Manager in Documentation and Information Resources. From the lively Mediterranean city of Barcelona, Carme  will keep you updated on the hottest venues in Barcelona and beyond.