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BARCELONA | September is one of the best months to visit Barcelona.  It’s generally sunny and even on soft rainy days one can enjoy pleasant walks across the city. But there is a particular area where these enjoyable walks are likely to make you feel a delightful experience. These are the beautiful alleys of the fashionable El Born district.  The  streets and charming squares of El Born hide tiny restaurants, cafès, boutiques, art  galleries, and the magnificent Church of Santa Maria del Mar (a refugee of calm). There is also the not-to-be-missed Picasso Museum and recently a new cultural spot has been added to the area: El Born Cultural Centre. The narrow Flassaders street has a very special microcosms and it captures the whole atmosphere of the district, far from  some of the noisy streets nearby.  As you walk you’d find a large number of such shops all of them catering very special items. This is a selection of the most significant ones but of course this lively street has several other shops that are worth visiting. el born shopping  
At Hoffmann's you can taste probably the  best croissants and brioches in Barcelona. Also hand made cakes and tarts. Most likely you won’t manage to fight the temptations. Add.: 44 Flassaders St.
el born shopping
Moska is a tiny but very charming jewelry shop run by jewel designer Maka Abraham. Her beautiful and delicate designs are made of gemstones, gold that are carefully combined with tribal pieces or ancient materials from India,  North Africa and the Middle East. Other materials she bought in auctions in Paris. Maka’s are unique and exquisite jewels. Add.: 42 Flassaders St.
el born shopping
Located in one of the areas of the former “Royal Mint”,  Loisaida defines itself as a retro-vintage store for men and women. A concept store where you’ll find a selection of international brands of clothing and accessories,  No-l-ita,  Liebeskind, Maison Scotch, Kocca, among others.  These international brands share shelves with Reycled and vintage clothing and accessories. Loisaida also has a very nice gift section with vintage toys, ancient comics and other curiosities. Music is the last piece that conforms the puzzle of the eclectic store. Vintage music albums have been carefully selected to delight collectors or simply to enjoy the rhythms: Jazz, Italian songs, French chanson, Mambo, Vintage hits and much more. Add.: 42 Flassaders St.
el born shopping
Trendy shoe and handbag store, with a selection of clothing and accessories. Èstro caters an accurate selection of designers and brands, mostly Italian.  Good quality. Add: 33 Flassaders St.
el born shopping
This  special flower shop has two entries: 35 Flassaders St  and 28 Rec St. Beautiful plants and flowers, The arrangements are very delicate and made with lots of care. A treat for the eyes and the senses!
el born shopping
Everything in this boutique (even the fitting room) echoes past decades. As you step into Born Vintage BCN you'll receive the friendly welcome of cosmopolitan Kaveh Abadani,  an interior designer, jeweler and artist.  In this nice store you can find a selection of vintage clothing, shoes and accessories. International brands, Chanel, Prada, harmoniously join casual items. Don’t miss the crocodile or snake leather handbags and clutches. Add.: 32 Flassaders St.
Mercat Princesa is a restaurant and a multicultural community space built inside the walls of  a magnificent  and carefully  renovated medieval  building, Inside, under a crystal covered patio, there are 16  different  corners where to  choose a variety of Asian and Mediterranean cuisine, or a delicious menu of tapas- You can choose to eat comfortable on a table or at the counters scattered across the location. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. And in the evening, it is of course cocktail  time in the Palace. Add.: 21 Flassaders St.   View Larger Map

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