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BARCELONA | Coco Zagazeta lives and works in a nice apartment in the heart of La Ribera area in Barcelona. Near by the Cathedral, the Palau de la Música and other ancient and beautiful sites typical of this part of the city. Coco is proud of her studio, which is also her home. The balconies are adorned with beautiful plants and flowers. In her place she performs one of her greatest passions: jewellery design. Coco Zagazeta Barcelona The studio is filled with drawers and boxes where she keeps her little treasures: pearls from Turkey, blue crystals from Iran, Moroccan coins, ancient jewels, Murano buttons, Buddhist talismans, coral, ivory pieces and much more. From her native Peru, Coco has travelled around the world. She passionately shares her adventures in China, Japan, Africa and Europe. There she travelled to learn from local craftsmen. For example, she has learnt the ancient techniques of local silversmith. And she also knows the representative symbolisms of different cultures. It has been an inward journey too; a journey of cultural knowledge and spiritual growth. Coco is an artist, a jewel designer and a craftswoman as well. Her earrings and pendants are all hand-made. But her main designs are necklaces. Splendid ones, all of them are unique, of high-quality and very innovative. She mixes semi-precious stones: amethyst, agate and turquoise stones, silver crosses from Spain or Egypt and vintage jewels. Every necklace shows Coco’s strong personality. She also combines  them with modern trends. Coco carefully combines beads to achieve a sense of harmony, going beyond colours and shapes. And so her jewels become something close to a spiritual journey. She wants each and every necklace to become an item that lasts forever. Click the pictures below to enlarge the image gallery and enjoy Coco Zagazeta in full. / All pictures by Aina Riu - Courtesy of Coco Zagazeta. Shop Coco Zagazeta online on the official website.

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