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BARCELONA | It was eight years ago when German designer Mimi Scholer opened her atelier boutique in Barcelona.  Located very close to the ancient Santa Catarina Market (1845) her cozy boutique welcomes you to come in, as a reflection of the friendly designer herself.  Mimi loves her work. She’ll welcome you personally  from the corner where she has her atelier. She’ll then stop her crafty work to carefully explain the history behind each of her designs. Meanwhile, her pet Enzo, a curious and playful teckel will come to welcome you too. Enzo is such a charismatic dog that he featured a Christmas special collection of twenty  brooches made by an also designer friend of Mimi. mimi scholer barcelona Mimi works with semi-precious stones: agate, quartz, amethyst or amazonite, that she combines with silver, Swarovsky  crystals, hand-painted  elements, silk fringe or leather.  The materials come from Greece, Italy or Germany.  The result are exuberant pieces,  colorful and  very beautiful. She is currently producing a new collection of pieces,  big gemstones  mounted in silver or metal. Organic and expressive yet sober and elegant at the same time. They show an evolution from the former collections, always feminine and  very wearable. Mimi’s creative process  is continuous,  she is an artist and her collections flow permanently.  Almost every week she works in brand new items. The variety of her designs are suitable for women of any age. Creative and entrepreneurial Mimi arrived  to Barcelona 10 years ago.  She has an academic background in Germany (silversmith’s studies)  and Vienna (design and silver crafts).  She had lived and worked in Buenos Aires (Argentina). In Germany she worked  for the accessories line Escada Sport.  Her deep passion was bijouterie design, which it is now her profession. Click the images below to enlarge the gallery and enjoy Mimi Scholer's designs in full / All images courtesy of Mimi Scholer. Mimi Scholer: Add: Carrer dels Carders, no. 6 Barcelona, Spain. See on Google maps.

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