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HONG KONG | The mesmerizing brightness and wideness of the sea inspired the design of Mikimoto’s eighth boutique in Hong Kong. Located in the luxurious jewellery mall 1881 Heritage, in Tsim Sha Tsui, it embodies the spirit of perfection and craftsmanship of founder Kokichi Mikimoto. His perseverance brought him to produce the world’s first cultured pearl in 1893. The achievement was followed by a life dedicated to the world of pearls. Appealing to Mikimoto’s Japanese origins, the interiors of the boutique are decorated with delicately woven Nishijinori brocade. This is a traditional Japanese textile and here it is used to portray the bright sea glimmering in sunlight. Above the jewellery counter a stunning lamp represents the historical Yaguruma Sash Clip, the ultimate masterpiece of Mikimoto designed in the year 1930. Mikimoto is often referred to as “The Pearl of Kings” due to its unique sensitivity towards jewellery design and the inner beauty of pearls. His universe of elegance and grace is represented by the precious jewellery pieces available at the 1881 Heritage boutique. In addition to Mikimoto’s signature cultured pearls, the boutique also caters a selection of high jewellery designs crafted with the precious natural Conch Pearl. Conch pearls are considered a rare treasure. They are mainly found in the Caribbean Sea and it’s impossible to culture them. Conch Pearl's more characteristic feature is its flame structure. The most popular colour is pink, but it can also be found in white, orange, brown and cream. PHOTOS COURTESY OF MIKIMOTO.

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