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TAIPEI | Fujin Street has the unique charm of those places that are not too centrally located. It's not too left behind either. Getting there requires  little effort; and the reward is a beautiful and quiet residential area full of coffee shops, interesting boutiques, workshops and local restaurants. (See map below). Fujin Street offers a different side to Taipei's growing creative and artsy choices. The area has evolved into a creative community in Taipei, known as the Minsheng community. It's main host is the Fujin Tree group, which runs a diverse share of businesses. From the traditional Taiwanese Spa Relaxing Trip, to authentic Taiwanese food cafés, décor boutiques and designer boutiques. Most of the spots spread across both sides of Minsheng East Road Section 5. The renowned Japanese boutique BEAMS is one of the most popular spots in Fujin street. But there are many different choices for the most fashion forward shoppers; such as Beauty & Youth, Journal Standard and Freitag. As far as the tea shops are concerned.  SunnyHills should certainly not to be missed. They have been producing Taiwanese traditional pineapple cakes since 2012 in an effort to bring back the traditional flavor of pineapples cakes. The pineapples they use come from Bagua Mountain in Central Taiwan; and sourced from local farmers. They mixed them with savory ingredients and without using any preservatives or additives to produce their signature pineapple cakes. Photos by Earth to Iris Related posts: Exploring Taipei. Taiwan by bike, the East coast.

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