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HONG KONG |  Chinese fashion designer Zhu Chong Yun captivates us one more time as she keeps on exploring the notion of feminine elegance for her latest Marisfrolg fashion show. However, in her upcoming Autum Winter 2016 season, she returns to the minimalist designs as she experiments with the powerful appeal of modern lines and freer –more comfy- silhouettes. Zhu Chong Yun’s starting point is her ideal of a contemporary independent woman; and the attributes of calm, rational and modern elegance. She redefines these traits by venturing into the realms of nature, architecture and art. The use of color plays a crucial point in the designer's effort. Black and white remain as the main color of the collection. These two antagonistic colors represent the basis of women’s emotions. From there, Zhu Chong Yun creates several layers of meaning by playing with textures and colors such red, olive green and yellow. In some of the designs, this powerful palette is combined with delicate flowery patterns and stripes. Through the ideal of contemporary elegance, Marisfrolg aims to bring fashion back to the core of art and life. As if the beauty of fashion was having a renaissance in humanity. To stress this critical transition, Zhu Chong Yun complements her minimalist designs with structured silhouettes and her signature asymmetrical cutting; creating a sense of volume and freer movement. Photos courtesy of Marisfrolg.

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