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BARCELONA | CARTLOTAOMS SS17 collection was conceived to describe the  diverse perceptions of three different people towards the same object: a red tomato placed on a table. Their perceptions shift with time. Their sense of being changes from Yesterday, to Today, to Tomorrow. "The yesterday of someone leaving the land to go to the city to look for another way of making a living and now with perspective, values the wealth that was his world". "Sandwiched between the walls of the city seeking refuge in the memory and nostalgia of childhood, makes the need to dress oneself in nature clear". "The today of someone who feels pushed by constant change, who lives in a strange place requiring them to reinterpret reality with a rapidity that distorts everything. The object that is on the table has changed dimensions. What was the source of life has become simply an object of subsistence. Time flows like water, but memory remains frozen". Through this philosophical journey and the three temporal visions, CARLOTAOMS SS17 collection plays with patterns, colors and shapes to embody the notion of nature.     Photos courtesy of 080 Barcelona Fashion.

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