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BARCELONA | Veteran designer Maite Muñoz launched her own label Lebor Gabala after years of doing enthusiastic collaborations with pioneers of the local fashion industry. Lebor Gabala is  well known for  her precious high quality knitwear, that was in fact the initial focus of the label when Muñoz first launched it. However, in subsequent collections she has introduced silk and cotton fabrics so the brand has evolved into a collection of more versatile pieces for a seductive and charming total looks. Drawing inspiration from Jeff Buckley’s song ‘All flowers in time bend towards the sun’ , Lebor Gabala created her Autumn/Winter 2016 collection, presented at the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week. This is a beautiful and timeless collection of feminine shapes and sensuality. Muñoz’s designs juxtapose softness and allure by blending contemporary street wear garments made of neoprene and mouflon, with more subtle romantic lines in chiffon, knit and velvet. The finest materials are mixed with the flattering colours: silk, voile, alpaca, extra fine merino wool and cashmere for sheer textures. This unexpected combinations create a feeling of sophisticated simplicity, evoking a garden to enjoy life. Lebor Gabala signature charming silhouettes in Liberty flowered skirts and gowns in earthy colors work perfectly well with coats or knitted cardigans that can be worn in any occasion.   PHOTOS COURTESY OF 080 BARCELONA FASHION.

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