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BEIJING | Fashion designer Ji Wenbo staged a futuristic show inside an old gas tank. The round-shaped set reminded of a prehistoric camp. Actors with their skins painted in silver stood at the center of the round-shaped runway. They performed essential tasks like harvesting, as models showcased Ji Wenbo’s futuristic designs around them. The ancient Chinese philosophical principle of Zen inspired Ji Wenbo. In particular he takes the concept of She De (Giving up something and getting something new in return) and applies it to fashion design. Ji Wenbo simplifies the whole structure of his garments by sacrificing some details in order to gain other new effects in return. Removing redundancies and adopting new simple lines through three-dimensional tailoring achieve these new silhouettes. This is creative process that goes back to the essence of Chinese Art and represents new aesthetic standards with the idea of “choice” at the core. Ji Wenbo is a renowned fashion designer in China. He presented his men’s S/S14 collection in Milan Fashion Week in August 2013. Click the pictures below to enlarge the image gallery and enjoy Ji Wenbo’s show in full.

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