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HONG KONG | A sense of stillness surrounds each and every creation from Ellery. This well-established Australian brand is very personal. It feels like if there’s a bit of it’s founder Kym Ellery on every single piece. This soul searching process that is reflected in her work is most likely influenced by her exposure to art since she was little. Her mother is an artist who creates artwork with textiles and ceramics. “To me great artworks embody beauty. This work, entitled ‘Wrapped Coast’ by Christo and Jeanne-Claude defines what beauty is to me. It’s in the concept. The scale. The human ambition. The journey. The temporary nature of the work and the visual joy I experience when seeing this familiar Australian landscape repackaged so profoundly”, said Ellery. The work she is referring to was created in 1969 and involved One million square feet of fabric and 35 miles of rope shrouded 2.4 kilometers of the Australian coastline in little Bay, Sydney

Ellery Resort collection

Her signature futuristic cutting plays a key role in Ellery SS16 collection. A metallic scrunched fabric recalls the reflection of ripples on the night time ocean whilst clear fibre-optic fringing points to a duality between the natural, the sculptural and the man-made. Ellery’s goal is to elevate the power of the “artwork” as her main source of inspiration in every single piece. So she designed playful and elegant silhouettes with curtained panels, volume, ties, drawstrings and metal embellishments. Sometimes she likes to deconstruct shapes, for instance, by playing with loose sleeves, or layered shirts. Abstract floral prints inspired by the Australian flora add a touch of vitality to the collection. She combines these prints with textures and a shocking color palette that goes from pink, to gunmetal, ivory and pale blue.

Ellery SS16 collection

Photos courtesy of Electric Sekki.

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