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HONG KONG| ART AND DANCE: Hong Kong Art Week fills the city with a mesmerizing display of art from all disciplines. Dance performances, exhibitions, concerts, multimedia and installations can be found in unique locations, alongside the two major events in Hong Kong: Art Basel and Art Central. Asia Society Hong Kong Centre hosted a very unique collaboration between art paintings and dance. Chinese choreographer, dancer and artist Shen Wei brought to Hong Kong his work Dance Strokes. These large scale oil paintings are the result of Shen's deep explorations of Chinese painting traditions. After the dancer moved to New York in 1995 he started painting as an autodidact to complement  his dance practice.

Alongside Shen's exhibition, his company Shen Wei Dance Arts premiered in Hong Kong the show Untitled No. 32 (Bodies and Rooftop). From Asia Society's rooftops, dancers brought to life a conversation between nature and the metropolis.

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Photos by Earth to Iris.

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