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HONG KONG | Exhibition: Art Central celebrates its second edition at the heart of Hong Kong's buzzing Central district.  Overlooking the Victoria Harbour and surrounded by the iconic skyline, the contemporary art fair showcased the works of Asia's rising talents brought to the venue by over 100 art galleries.

Sundew by Elaine Yan Ling Ng

This interactive project mimics the exotic carnivorous plants. The installation combines hand made textiles, natural fibers and Swarovski Crystal fabric that moves when the audience make any sounds, such singing, talking or clapping their hands.

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Head by Ryoji Koie (Shunpudo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan)

Koie's artworks are often viewed as expressions of human birth and death; or as criticism about atomic bomca and nucealr power.  He is one of Japan's prominent  contemporary artitsts that emerged during the post-war period.  

Memory_work #151201 by Kim Sang Gyun (Gallery Baton, Seoul, South Korea)

Les miserables #2 (Victor Hugo/Penguin) Page 338-369. (Gallery Baton, Seoul, South Korea)

Dreamers (Pink) by Choi Xooang. (Art Seasons, Singapore and Beijing)

She Series by Zou Dawen (Art Season, Singapore and Beijing)

Kazumi Nakamura (Tezukayama Gallery, Osaka, Japan)

Nakamura began his carreer as a painter in the early 80's and since then has become one of Japan's most important and influential artists. He is interested in painting within the society itself.

Look up by Chen Nientzu (Da Xiang Art Space, Taichung, Taiwan)

Real/Red by Tomoo Seki (Out of Place Gallery, Nara and Tokyo, Japan)

Untitled (Computer Repai) by Wang Xingwei (Rén Space,

14019 by Ryo

Giraffe Mask by Soyeun Lee

Tree by Chon Byung-Hyun

Kniterature  by Movana Chen (Ovolo hotel art space, Hong Kong)

Space Boy M by Kyung Soo Byum (South Korea)

Untitled by Won-Kun Jun (UNC Gallery, Seoul, South Korea)

The Monster and Twenty one girls by Yuji Moriguchi (Gallery Tsubaki, Tokyo, Japan)

Moriguchi graduated from Kyoto Seika University specializing in Manga. This influenced his future works where the artist combines the qualities of Manga and Japanese traditional Ukiyo-e drawing lines. The artist recreates with nostalgy a world full of monsters.

Recurrence SPD 201503 by Tschang Yeul Kim (Galerie Bahk, Seoul, South Korea)

Photos by Earth to Iris Art Central 23/3 - 26/3 2016 Central Harbour Front, Hong Kong.
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