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HONG KONG | ART: Movana Chen has made of her background in fashion design an unprecedented artistic career. Her friendliness and open mind are the signature trait of her project Kniterature. Chen believes in the importance of fostering communication between cultures and peoples. She develops unique pieces of wearable art by knitting the pages of shredded magazines in an attempt to explore people's identities. Her worked has been exhibited around the world. Next stop: New York City, The 14th Factory (April-May 2016).   Chen also travels and wherever she goes she takes with her her most ambitious project: a 15 m long scarf made of knitted shredded novels she's been collecting from people's bookshelves across the globe. This is an on-going project that started in  when the artist traveled to the bookshelf of a Korean friend and she started knitting the shredded pages of Gone with the Wind in Korean.  She knits alone; and together with the people she meets as she travels. That is how Chen creates beautiful dialogues with unknown individuals around the worlds of books donated to her. Photos courtesy of Movana Chen.   Creativity is thriving! From Earth to Iris, we want to share with you all the things that inspire us. The Inspiration Collage section complements the original content of our blog. In this ‘Inspiration Collage’ you can keep track of the exhibitions we visited, artists and creative minds we met or any other stuff we found online. Unlike the rest of our sections, some of the posts we feature here may link to external content.

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