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HONG KONG |London’s Hackney district is the source of inspiration of Antipodium’s SS16 collection. The designers deconstruct the area’s iconic landmarks, graffiti and neighbors to create the quirky prints typical of the brand. This time around, Antipodium invites us to see Hackney through a prism of magical realism. High rise buildings, jungles of scaffolding, sharp edges and flying ponies inhabit Antipodium’s magical wonderland. The most iconic print of this collection was created around the Hackney Carriages that used to be pulled by the Hackney pony – a special breed of horse. Antipodium imagines that this pony was in fact able to fly, so they have created the print Hackney Pegasus made of origami. Renowned designer Luke Mclean collaborated with Antipodium to design the Hackney Spot print, depicting Hackney’s urban landscape. The result of this magical journey into the Hackney district is an extremely urban collection with classic silhouettes deconstructed through the use of innovative fabrics. The London-based brand creates an eclectic mix of strong versus feminine through a process of essential distillation of London’s wit and wisdom. Therefore, fading out the boundaries between playful and polished mood. Silk t-shirts and flare skirts are matched with the bomber jacket to create smart and daring collections for the global urbanites. Photos courtesy of Electric Sekki.

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