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HONG KONG | TELA pays homage to the simplicity of garments manufacturing by bringing to the forefront the most basic material: the cloth. TELA in Italian means fabric, and the canvas of a painting. Two concepts that the brand's Creative Director Federica Mora wanted to emphasize through the simplicity of construction and texture that originates in the weave of woven fabrics. TELA’s signature feminine and minimal designs are full of potentiality depending on the mood of the person who wears them. TELA works with the idea of versatility. Fabrics may be dyed, washed, printed… to create multiple projects depending on the feelings that designers want to share. By the same token, TELA’s ideal woman is always ready to mix and match to create edgy but minimal looks that fall somewhere in between classic cuts and contemporary silhouettes. Photos courtesy of Electric Sekki.

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