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BARCELONA | Designer Olga R. Menchén and Francesc Grau Tomás look back to the year 1995, when they first launched their Studio-workshop under the label Menchén Tomàs. The atelier was located in 11th Notariat Street, in Barcelona’s ancient quarter. To honor the studio that witnessed the crafting of their first bespoke pieces, Menchén Tomàs Autumn/Winter 2016 collection goes under the theme of 'Notariat 11'. During their fashion show at the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2016 we saw the traits that define Menchén Tomàs’ designs: high quality fabrics, accurate cutting and finishing and spotless design. The collection included day-wear and evening gowns tailored for the energetic lives of confident and cosmopolitan women. Menchén Tomàs’s 'Notariat 11' collection depicts sensuality through distinctive bold pieces. Their intuitive creativity often brings them to develop edgy and elegant pieces with a subtle couture touch. They like to play with contrasting materials and cutting. An effect that helps them to create natural shapes that shows the softness brought about by a variety of rich fabrics: silk, velvet, lace, satin; mixed with vibrant colours such green, pink, blue and black. For instance, the loose skirts and gowns, or the delicate lace lingerie. Sophisticated attention to details guarantees charming finishing to the garments. Menchén Tomàs’ particular way to understand fashion’s essentials is the label’s signature trait, which results in a refined collection with alluring garments; so feminine, so adorable. PHOTOS COURTESY 080 BARCELONA FASHION.

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