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BEIJING | Poetic, genuine and timeless are the attributes that best describe ZHUCHONGYUN's “Insight·Stride” A/W 2015 collection. ZHUCHONGYUN traces back to the roots of the ancient and sagacious Eastern spirit and philosophical thinking by cleverly breaking the boundaries between time and space. The latest fashion show of this brand headquartered in the Chinese city Shenzhen didn’t disappoint. We loved how, once again, the designer proudly looks back to her Chinese roots to create a whole new concept of femininity, which stands somewhere in between the Eastern and Western cultures and traditions. A meticulous attention to details is one of the main traits of designer Zhu; and her shows stand out for their ability to create a unique mood that integrates fully with the message of her collections. For the A/W2015 collection, she used a traditional Chinese zigzag bridge, coupled with a soundtrack that imitated the sounds of nature to create an atmosphere that depicted ZHUCHONGYUN’s unique personality. Inspired by Eastern philosophy, ZHUCHONGYUN collection uses the earth’s vast colour gradations, which are combined with  deep red colour and different shades of blue to bring a softer and more sentimental mood to the designs. These three main colour gradations are brilliantly combined with elements borrowed from traditional folk culture and its customs to inspire a dialogue between space and time. Lastly, ZHUCHONGYUN A/W2015 collection also tries to achieve a greater goal of cultural preservation in the contemporary age. The designer’s combination of both Western and Eastern cultures; as well as traditional and modern features; reveal as a sense of eternity characterised by her blending of natural shapes and her exquisite use of long and structured shapes. Photos by Iris Mir - Earth to Iris.

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