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BEIJING | Marisfrolg’s designs start with the subtlest definition of an elegant woman: serenity, calm and wisdom. These are attributes one can easily spot on Zhu Chongyun herself. Zhu is the creative mind behind the Chinese fashion empire. She speaks calmly but with determination as she describes the main features of her two latest A/W 2014 collections: Marisfrolg and ZHUCHONGYUN. Her designs are casual and yet sophisticate. And she mixes different fabrics like leather, fur, wool and neoprene that result in long lines, structured shapes and very feminine silhouettes. This is actually the first time I attended one of Marisfrolg’s fashion shows. I specially like how she proudly looks back to her Chinese roots to create a whole new concept of femininity, somewhere in between Eastern and Western cultures and traditions. That’s specially the case of her new brand ZHUCHONGYUN.  Inspired by the ancient Chinese traditions, the designs are clearly less commercial than Marisfrolg’s, her main brand. From the headquarters in the Southern city of Shenzhen, entrepreneurial Zhu is leading this well-established high-end women wear brand, with shops in the most upscale shopping districts of Chinese cities. Founded in 1993, Zhu has big plans for her brand: she recently acquired the prestigious fashion brand from Italy, Krizia. And she is now working on a new collection that will be launched in Milan in February 2015; a strategic move that will help its international expansion in Asia and Europe.   Photos by Iris Mir.

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