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Discover the outfits of some of the most stylish riders of the Beijing first vintage ride.

Sha Sha, from Beijing, works in television and she is also a freelance stylist and photographer. Vintage lover. Tokyo and New York are her favourite places to buy Vintage.

          "I was so jealous of my friends in London when they told me about the London tweet ride. So when I heard there was going to be a Vintage ride in Beijing I was very happy!" "I spent a lot of time selecting the clothes I am wearing today. Luckily the weather was nice and I could wear the outfit I picked". Sha Sha's outfit: Dress, Vivienne Westwood Vintage Dress bought in Tokyo Top, bought in Sweden Backpack, bought in France   Mo Mo, originally from Sichuan she's been in Beijing for 7 years, freelance writer and founder of Meridian a creative organisation.

"I didn't know there were so many bike fans in Beijing! People are wearing beautiful clothes and riding precious bikes". "This a very special event with a good blend of Beijing style and foreign style". "This is more than a trendy or fashionable event. I hope it will help raise awareness for bike riding. It shows that riding a bicycle can be a fashionable lifestyle that can help save the environment". Mo Mo's outfit: Coat, school boys coat bought in England. She removed the school badge Pants, bought in Beijing Leather bag, bought in Italy   Zhang Wang, from Beijing, journalist. 

"I think this is a fantastic event with very different people from different backgrounds. I see Chinese people wearing vintage England Style clothes and foreigners wearing Chinese style ones". "Blending clothes from different brands and places makes the outfit more special". Zhang Wang's outfit: Shoes, bought in England Coat, from Zara Bow tie, bought in  London Shirt, bought on the internet in Taobao   James, from Hebei, sponsor of Vintage Ride. Bicycle enthusiast. He rides to go to work, the coffeshop, the park or even to pick up his girlfriend.

"I wear vintage clothes whereas my bicycle is new". "Time and Space, a blend of new and old things, this is what this event and vintage style is about. I think it makes the atmosphere very relaxing".   Ke Bi, originally from Henan she's been in Beijing for 10 years, restaurant owner.

"I like this event! I war preparing for it for many days". "Usually I don't wear vintage only. I like to mix styles, matching vintage with more modern clothes".

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