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BEIJING | I met Zhao Fei just last May when I dropped by one of the firsts vintage fairs he was organizing in Beijing. He told me about this project he was starting with a bunch of friends. They just wanted to share their passion for vintage with some other young  people. And it turned out to be a success! Less than one year later, Fei and his good friends are throwing a big Vintage Fair Beijing to celebrate its first anniversary. vintage fair beijing The location couldn’t be better: the building of the former Anglican Church, which is now used to hold cultural events, fairs, conferences and so. The place was packed! I was amazed to see so many people queuing up on the street, anxiously waiting to getting in and meet the very active, entrepreneurial and creative people that are moving Beijing’s underground scene. DJ’s, lucky draws, food and –of course- shopping! Jewelry, clothes, accessories, books, decoration items, vinyl…brought together specially for this occasion by owners of several vintage stores and vintage collectors who were ready to let go some of their favorite items. I talked to some of them, and asked which was their favorite item and why. This is what they told me: Yuni - Executive secretary at Mao Live House “I bought it in Japan, second-hand, because I loved the color and the pattern. But it’s too big for me! I can’t wear it. So I hope someone else will enjoy it!”. vintage fair beijing Ma Yan - Owner of Mylonite shop “I like this watch very much because it is very classic and it goes well with any outfit. It looks like a vintage watch but in fact it’s a new watch. And therefore, it’s very cheap!”. vintage fair beijing Theresa – Vintage Collector “I bought this top three years ago I London when I was living there. I’ve never wear it but I bought it because I like electro music and the bling bling reminded me of it. I don’t have any store. I just collect vintage items that I like and sell them from time to time in fairs like this one”. vintage fair beijing Wang Qiao – Owner Vintage USA: “I live half year in Beijing and half year in Washington D.C. When I am in the United States I buy all the items that I sell in my store. I specially like this 20 year old Gucci wallet because I think it’s very special and fashionable. Never saw one of this kind before”. vintage fair beijing    

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