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EXHIBITION: The Art of Painting and Drawing, visions from 1400-1800 Every single thing at the Galibern House is mesmerizing. The ceilings, the doors, the courtyard, the stairs… they all display the unsophisticated and yet exquisite style typical of Mediterranean aesthetics. Located in the beautiful village of Torroella de Montgrí, in l’Empordà region, the refurbished villa is home of the Mascort Foundation. The venue is dedicated to disseminating the knowledge of history through different initiatives. They often hold unique exhibitions that display rare works of art; such the ongoing “The Art of Painting and Drawing, Visions from 1400-1800” (until the 12th of October). The exhibition is conceptualized as an artistic itinerary from the 15th to the beginning of the 19th Centuries. It is made of a selection of outstanding paintings and drawings from artists such Luca Giordano and Juan Pantoja de la Cruz. When we visited the exhibition we couldn’t avoid getting enchanted by a few art pieces beautifully displaying typical gowns from that time. The technique and detail of the drawing themselves, as well as the textures and designs they portray were indeed inspiring in many ways. Artist: Joan Chiesa Bagur (1754-1833) Menorca, 1815-1820 Mascort Foundation Mascort Foundation Artist: Anonymous Italian School, 19th Century Mascort Foundation Mascort Foundation Artist: Juan Pantoja de la Cruz (1553-1608) Madrid, 1601
 Mascort Foundation
Mascort Foundation
Mascort Foundation
Mascort Foundation
Until the 12th of October at Mascort Foundation
Casa Galibern, 
Carrer Esglèsia 9
Torroella de Montgrí, Girona
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