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BARCELONA | Gerard Solà Borguño is a multidisciplinary artist who has turned his love-affair with Teddy Bears into one of his artistic expressions.  He is actually a Teddy Bear’s collector himself who has a passion for them since he was a child. His second collection was launched in 2012. Made of 22  more sophisticated Teddy Bears, Gerard provided them with larger legs to make their figures more stylish.  He also introduced a new character: cats.  Like a pregnant cat or a surprised one named Wow. courtesy-of-gerard-sola-borguno-4-2 Gerard’s Teddy Bears are hand-made. He carefully selects all the materials and fabrics:  Silk, linen, velvet  or embroidery.  Fur and leather. Ancient, used or new. The important thing here is how he combines them.  Velvet and stras with Swarovski crystals  and some touches of  hand painting.  Also, the eyes are made of crystals and  the whiskers  of stainless steel. His is a small, unique and exclusive collection that has been having a great success among collectors. But also among children too. He knows how they love Teddy Bears. Gerard is preparing a new collection of just four Teddy Bears in white cotton. For this one he found his inspiration  in the colourful Holi festival in India. Promising! Teddy Bears were born after US’ president Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt in 1902. When he was on one of his hunting trips he had mercy on a wounded bear.  The anecdote ended up giving name to these lovely toys. And with decades Teddy Bears became collectible art objects. Click the images below and enlarge the gallery to enjoy Gerard's Teddy Bears in full / All images courtesy of Gerard Solà.

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