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BARCELONA | There is a small square in the heart of the Barrio Gòtic called Plaça Sant Felip Neri. It probably is the most beautiful square in Barcelona. Just walk a bit further and you’ll hit La Basilica Gallery, a stunning Gallery of Jewellery and Contemporary Art. Our advice:  Open the door and get in.  The Basilica Gallery should do the rest. SONY DSC La Basilica Gallery is one of the most daring, beautiful and crazy spaces in Barcelona. Upon getting inside the gallery for the first time, you’ll feel first surprised and later a deep fascination. It’s simply impossible to  just have a quick look and then leave the store. Some red petals on the floor will guide you into  the gallery. In front of you, a sculpture of a woman in red,  Carmen, covered by thousands of Swarovsky crystals. She is wearing a skirt made of flowers. Nearby is Lisovika, a Slavic Mythological creature with  deer horns. She's wearing a black dress made of flowers and leaves. You'll also see an sculpture of a caribou, a teddy bear banquette chair by Campana brothers and many more unexpected things. The display showcases  are not the usual ones with minimalist design. Instead diverse antique glass cabinets  purchased in markets and antique stores in Europe and the US are scattered across the store. They display a wide selection of the best pieces from 200 jewel designers. One showcasing the most exquisite and refined items,  the next displaying the most unconventional and crazy ones. All the pieces are outstanding and highly creative. They are displayed in bold and curious ways where a silver bracelet is placed beside a striking necklace with a toucan. Leaves, flowers, animals, insects but also  pearls, gold and silver, always in the most exquisite works. La Basilica Gallery is a jewellery  boutique, and also  a contemporary art gallery. It was created by Piotr Rybaczek, a plastic artist who works with natural shapes. For instance, with leaves that he covers with latex, Swarovski crystals and resins. You will also find wooden purses, delicate tea ware, cushions, silk scarves and much more. The Gallery is not a space for trendy items. It’s more like a timeless and unique exhibit of design and art. And this is the actual trend  shared by all the pieces of this exceptional accessories collection. The Basilica Gallery requires someone who is ready to plunge into its dreamlike, surrealistic and romantic universe. No matter what kind of person you are . The Gallery’s aim is to steal your heart, and I bet it will steal it. Additionally, every day la Basilica Gallery selects an item from its collection. It is posted  on its website along with a few lines of a song carefully picked to match the essence of that very item. One day in Spanish, the next in English. Check our TUMBLR  and discover the magic universe of Piotr Rybaczek.  Click the pictures below to enlarge the image gallery and enjoy La Basilica Gallery in full. / All images courtesy of La Basilica Gallery.   La Basilica Galeria Updated address of their new location: Passeig de Gràcia 26  (Pasaje El Nacional) 08007 Barcelona Spain  

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