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BARCELONA | Santa Casilda is a lovely boutique for dreamy young ladies run by Ángela and Veronica. The two young designers create most of the items on display, but they also sell a very good selection of accessories from other designers. Santa Casilda Barcelona (Photo by Iris Mir - Earth to Iris). Ángela and Verónica enjoy hunting for special materials like antique laces or very unique embroideries:  tulle, lace, cotton, ribbons, which they later recombine into delicate jewelry, accessories and clothing, like the beautiful  and soft tulle skirts that characterize their style. The designers work mostly with natural fabrics, that they hand dye using  traditional techniques, in  subtle colors: nude, pink, blue, green mint. The handmade Bijouterie includes silver, pearls, resin, mixed with laces. And their sweet and feminine creations are inspired in delicate lingerie and nighties. Santa Casilda is not only a one-stop shop for the romantic girls. All the items can be the perfect accessory to mix-and-match with jeans, tee shirts or any street wear outfit. 20140513-070823.jpg 20140513-071058.jpg 20140513-071107.jpg 20140513-071120.jpg 20140513-065546.jpg (Photos courtesy of Carolina Adover). Santa Casilda Address: Carrer del Rec, 42 (Born) Barcelona, Spain. See on Google maps.

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