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BARCELONA| Since the Middle Ages, at convents, enclosed nuns make excellent pastries and sweets to contribute to the domestic economy of the religious orders.  In the kitchen nuns mixed the Arabian, Jewish and Christian traditions. The calm cloisters ensured these secret recipes were preserved and passed onto  the next generation of nuns, who also added their own variations to the recipes. The hands of the nuns produced the most exquisite pastry, using basic ingredients such as  flour, eggs, milk, almonds and honey or sugar to sweeten up their creations. If walking down  the Ramblas,  first escape the bustle  and head to the nearby Basílica de Santa Maria del Pi. A good preface to your next stop:  CAELUM (Heaven in Latin),  a store exclusively  selling the products made in  Abbeys and Convents. Like the Clarisas of Siruela, Santa Inés of Sevilla, Carmelites of Calahorra, among others. The names of the pastries  recall  the traditions of  past centuries: Heart of Marzipan, Almond moon, Saint’s bone, Ring of San Blas, Pastry filled with angel’s hair.  Sweet wines of the abbeys, honey and handmade jams. Do not leave Caelum without visiting La Cripta (The crypt), the ancient Jewish baths for women, dating back to the 14 C.  This place is a little oasis where to stop for a short rest while tasting the delicacies  sold in the shop, sampling  a sweet wine, or having  a coffee, a tea or a hot chocolate. Each Friday at 8.30pm o´clock, La Cripta hosts music concerts or poems readings. A celestial experience. CAELUM Calle de la Palla, 8 Barcelona - Spain See on Google Maps.

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