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HONG KONG | Pop up markets are always fun. It’s a fantastic way to meet new designers, chat with them; and discover their creations and their passion. Moreover, it can be just the best way to spend a rainy weekend afternoon. Last Saturday Pop Map gathered some of Hong Kong’s finest designers at a cozy pop up in Sheung Wan. We escaped the rain and had a great time browsing through  jewelry, accessories, watches, shoes… while enjoying a good cup of coffee! The selection of items was quite unique. The timeless and contemporary watches by Renard immediately caught our attention. The combination of modern and classical features makes their design absolutely alluring. Elegant, exquisite and strong, perfect to make a fashion statement. 83/84 Studio told us about their interesting philosophy of designed in Hong Kong; made elsewhere. Each design is special and requires the craftsmanship and materials of different countries. So founders Clive T. H. Mak and Eva Wong source for the best manufacturers in India, Italy, Korea and elsewhere to craft their unique collections. The graphical shapes and mathematical structures typical of modern architecture inspire the fashion jewelry of Luzid designs. Designer V for Visala’s pearls and chains get a makeover combined with sleek geometric forms, to make bold accessories for fashion forward women. The creations by artists from around the globe had also a place at the Pop up, but with a twist. The Dot brought a selection of their signature wearable art in the form of handbags, scarves and other accessories. Founded by Hong Kong based designer Suki Tsui, The Dot transforms one-of-a-kind artworks into seasonal collections. Cafuné approaches design as a gentle and intimate affair. ‘Cafuné’ in fact is a Portuguese word used to describe the act of playing with a lover’s hair. Co-founders Queenie Fan and Day Lau recreate this intimacy by creating minimalist accessories carefuly adourned with small details of marble. Lastly, MMT brought a selection of their personal approach to watchmaking. The perfectly circular C Series feature the minimal design in stainless steel. Its minimal design only reveals what is essential to be seen and highlights the beauty of the machined stainless steel. Conversely the R Series feature a wooden ring around a domed glass. Whereas the T Series combine stainless steel and wooden shell to recreate the classic fob watches. PHOTOS BY EARTH TO IRIS.

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