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BARCELONA | The narrow streets surrounding  the magnificent Santa Maria del Mar Church are the appropriate setting for the exquisite perfumery La Galeria di Santa Maria Novella. This is the exclusive concessionary in Barcelona of one of the oldest pharmacies in the world: Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, based in Florence, Italy. The perfumery is not that kind of store where you just pop in for a quick visit. Instead, take the time to carefully browse through all the items on display at the boutique. It’s an authentic delight for fragrance lovers. The classical room is decorated with wooden furniture to recreate the vibe of an ancient pharmacy. Carefully browse the shelves that stock perfumes alongside beauty creams, lotions and soaps. Most of their products are made with natural herbs and the finest essential oils and lipids; both for men and for women. So beautifully wrapped in original packaging. Their products are not meant to be trendy or fashion savvy. Proof of that is their devoted clientele, which includes loyal costumers and occasional cultured strollers. The headquarters in Florence, Italy, were originally founded by Dominic monks around 1221. Medicines, balms and ointments were handmade with the herbs they cultivated in their garden, for use at the infirmary they run in the monastery.   In 1612 the Friars decided to open the apothecary to the citizens. Their reputation spread throughout the years and across the globe. Since 1866 four generations of the same family have been working in the business, widening the product range from perfumery and cosmetics, to liquors and herbs. This is still an artisan company that has evolved and expanded to classy venues in London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Hong Kong and Tokyo; among others. Synthesis of tradition and innovation is at the core of La Galeria di Santa Maria Novella. Nowadays they keep manufacturing everything in Florence. Their products are still made by following ancient formulas and high quality natural ingredients, following handcrafted methods under rigorous controls. They grow medicinal and natural herbs with the finest fragrances: rose, iris, gardenia, citrus, vetiver and the exceptional water of Sicily. Some of the most iconic products include Acqua de la Regina, Water for the Queen, created for Caterina di Mèdici. They even carry a special line for babies. Tanning Lotions, Scented candles, air fresheners, lavander or iris sachets and some accessories complete the offer. Lastly, La Galeria di Santa Maria Novella’s herbal liquors are sold at CAELUM store; located not far from there. PHOTOS BY EARTH TO IRIS. La Galeria di Santa Maria Novella Address: Carrer de L’Espaseria, 4 Barcelona, Spain. See on Google maps.              

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