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la basilica galeria perfume BarcelonaBARCELONA | Project accomplished!  One year ago, when I visited La Basilica Galeria, to interview  the enthusiastic and creative Piotr Rybaczek,  he told me about his exciting plans for the future. The most immediate one he had in mind: a new  space, an  ambitious exclusive perfumery  where  to exhibit and to sell the widest selection in Spain of pure scents. They are all author and niche perfumes highly known and coveted by connoisseurs and collectors around the world. “Do you know that there is a perfume that smells  to the end of the world? Or another one with the scent of  a luxury whore?”,  Piotr suddenly asked me. To my surprise they do exist and there is a place in Barcelona where to find them: La Basilica Galeria PERFUME.

The store is a beautiful fragrance boutique, located in the heart of the Jewish quarter. [They've recently relocated to Passeig de Gracia. See updated address below]. And it is exclusively devoted to niche fragrances from the best international perfumers.  The atmosphere is enchanting with large collection of bottles  containing sophisticated, elegant and occasionally strange scents. You’ll be invited to smell the fragrances  in stylish crystal cups. Forget standards, the collection of daring perfumes are uncommon and exquisite. And exclusively made by experts who use  high quality ingredients, which avid niche costumers will simply adore. Renowned perfume houses such SANTA MARIA NOVELLA, founded in 1612, in Firenze (Italy); JOVOY PARFUMS RARES (strange Perfumes) a  house founded in 1923, in Paris, with  one of the best collections in the world; or  PARFUMS DE MARLY, since 1743,   with an updated version of the fragrances they created for king Louis XV of France. Likewise, at La Basilica Galeria PERFUME there’s also room for ambitious perfumers such ETAT LIBRE D’ORANGE and their extreme scents, audacious and exuberant.  In sum, this new addition to Barcelona’s alternative shopping circuit is an invitation to a captivating journey that goes beyond fragrances, to create all sorts emotions. Click the images below to enlarge the gallery and enjoy La Basilica Galeria PERFUME in full. (Photos courtesy of La Basilica Galeria Perfume). La Basilica Galeria PERFUME. Address: C/ Passeig de Gràcia 26 (Pasaje El Nacional) 08007 Barcelona Spain      

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