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KYOTO | Forget conventions. This color doesn’t go well with that one… or this pattern doesn’t match that other pattern… runways have made it clear such statements are no longer applicable. And Japan’s Kimono are good proof of the fact that the only requisite to mix-and-match is elegance. You may remember our previous post about Kyoto, with trendy summer purse ideas. Well, today I’m also borrowing some inspiration from Japan’s traditional Kimono. But this time I will focus on the knots for fresh style ideas about how to mix patterns when matching tops with bottoms. There are basically no rules. However, in order to make a statement and achieve a smart and edgy look the combination has to be chic but delicate. And for that matter I’ve created the collage below with some of the best pattern combinations I snapped during my latest trip to Japan. Photos by Earth to Iris. Click the images below to enlarge the gallery and enjoy the knots in full.  

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