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KYOTO | Summer weather is officially here! And it’s time to give a boost to the typically loose dresses and laid back summer looks by matching them with equally fresh and cool purses. There’s no better place than the ancient town of Kyoto, in Japan, to pick up fresh ideas and learn new ways of matching daring patterns, colours and fabrics. At weekends Kyotoites elegantly dress up with their beautiful Kimono and flock to the ancient part of the city to spend a few hours with friends and family. Each Kimono is unique in its own way. It’s the combination of the knot and the purse, which are carefully picked by the lady who wears them, what brings them personality. Polka dots, stripes, stars, flowers, embroidery… -the list of patterns and dyes is endless- matching the most delicate and elegant purses. I tried to capture the most interesting and original combinations of colourful kimono and purses and I’m bringing them together on this post. Some are more sophisticate than others; say leather purses instead of cloth's. But they all are refreshing style ideas for the hottest months of the year when a small purse to only carry the home keys, the mobile phone and some money will do the job. Photos by Earth to Iris. Click images below to enlarge the gallery.    

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