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BEIJING | Dashilar’s alleys are located South of Tiananmen and the Forbidden City. For centuries this neighborhood housed local craftsmen and other businesses being the main commercial and entertainment spot of the ancient city. Nowadays, most of the alleys have been transformed into a massive and overcrowded shopping area with lots of touristy shops. However a few alleys still resist and they’ve kept their typical way of life and the ancient houses. Dashilar hosts the most intimate projects of Beijing Design Week: Dashilar Salon. As part of the project Dashilar  Salon, more than 60 Dutch Designers were invited to wonder the alleys to find their inspiration. Their duty was to create a pop installation that fitted with their surroundings. Them and other Chinese designers share the labyrinth city spaces as they showcase your projects. Yang Meizhu Xie Jie and the Cha’er and Yao Wu hutong gathered most of the exhibitions. Do not forget to click the image below to enlarge the gallery and enjoy Dashilar  Salon  in full. YANG MEIZHU XIE JIE From Left to Right Photo by Photo: From 1 to 5: Afterlife by Sander Wassink - 6 & 7 Pieces of Dreams by Poo-tsh: - From 8 to 9: Soloist Coffee - 10 & 11: Micro Hutong by Standardarchitecture - From 12 to 14: Vision Magazine. CHA'ER AND YAO WU HUTONG From Left to Right Photo by Photo: 1 & 2: An Intimacy Leftover by Noemi Casanelli- 3 Barbara Nanning - 4 & 5:  Unfolding by Esther Dorhout Mees - 6 & 7: Hutong Coutryard - 8: Morphogenesis by Pauline van Dongen - From 9 to 12: Dreaming by Femke Van Gemert - from 13 to 18: LYLPillowbook by Irene Lu - 19 & 20: Museum of Bicycle Parts.

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