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BEIJING | We spent a very nice afternoon at Beijing’s fashion hub BIFTPARK. Located at the fashion school Beijing Institute of Fashion and Technology, the ample showroom houses a selection of the best collections from China’s emerging independent designers. Most importantly, BIFTPARK was created as a platform to bring exposure to high-quality fashion design made in China.

BIFTPARK was founded only three years ago as China’s main fashion industrial Park; and it’s growing fast. The showroom is already full of very inspiring collections; and it’s become an important hub to support creative entrepreneurship and the development of fashion design. Creations from Alhander cowan math, Alicia Lee, Poetream, Wo2, Damnprecious, The dreamer , 一表一,白 尤 and R Factory are on regular showcase. On the second floor there’s a space showcasing men’s collections, as well as a Tailors corner.

BIFTPARK is equally very active in building partnerships and doing events aimed at strengthening independent Chinese fashion brands and attracting buyers both from across China, Asia and Europe. A while ago we visited the BIFT designers corner at Beijing’s Galeries Lafayette. The collection is updated each season and is made of a series of exclusive designs from BIFT’s most talented alumni. Likewise, the students from BIFT regularly participate in the China Fashion Week with joint fashion shows.


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