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CORDOBA | The Cordoban hat is a wide brimmed hat and the most characteristic accessory of the Cordoban suit, both for women and men. Less common than the gypsy dress, the camper garments come from the equestrian tradition in Cordoba. Worn both by women and men the elegant hat is well known internationally thanks to, for instance, fashion designers such Saint Laurent, Oscar de la Renta or Heidi Slimane who have created and performed variations of the hat in their collections for women as a sophisticated accessory. In our recent journey to Cordoba we visited one of the oldest ateliers in Cordoba. Even if you don't plant to buy one of their elegant hats, the atelier itself deserves a visit. Molds in different sizes lie in the shelves, scissors and tools to handcraft the hats hang in the walls, while sophisticated boxes in leather to carry the hats await to be carried away by charming new costumers.   PHOTOS BY EARTH TO IRIS.

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