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BARCELONA | Barcelona is well known as a cosmopolitan trendy city.  Its lively streets are a shopping paradise where one can find any trend, at any budget. The best part is that the streets of Barcelona hide many surprises where one can suddenly discover a tiny hidden boutique full of breathtaking designs.  That’s specially the case of the narrow streets of  the quarter La Ribera/El Born. Musa Bajo el Árbol is a tiny and lovely boutique that it’s the opposite to minimalism. The figures of  an squirrel, a cat or a salamander together with dolls and vintage hats adorn the furniture and the walls.  Fantasy is everywhere. Silvina Musa runs the boutique, where she sells her creative leather bags, totes and clutches.  Invited by Silvina, the shop also houses the creations of fashion designer Leo Peralta. Leo Peralta was born in Argentina where he graduated in Fine Arts. After a stay in New York he settled in Barcelona.  Leo loves his work. He kindly shows  me his creations, while he tells me about all the tiny details and the fabrics  he likes to use to create his original gowns. His skills are a mixture of  baroque and simplicity, the combination of fabrics  and a chromatic outburst.  Leo effectively combines laces and faux fur, damask print and transparencies. Leo's designs are edgy and exuberant. Besides the eccentric glamour,  don’t miss the lovely sweatshirt  printed as a naïf garden. Musa Bajo el Árbol Address: Carrer Banys Vells, n. 19. Barcelona, Spain. See on Google maps.

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