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HONG KONG | Winners of the Young Fashion Designers' Contest (YDC)  showcase their women's wear Autum/Winter 2016 collection at the Fashionally #6 fashion show. Effie Hung Glitch Art and the method of creating through destruction and deconstructing inspire Effie Hung's designs. Her label constitutes the journey of finding harmony between opposites: arts vs technology; classic vs modernity; conceptual vs wearable aesthetic; and architecture vs softness. Through this method she creates garments for a women that is free, energetic and smart. HANG by Mim Mak Overlaid screen tones, creases and folds are carefully combined with strong colors such yellow, cyan, fluorescent red and black to create a visual impact. Since the launch of her label HANG in 2012, designer Mim Mak has been experimenting with fabrics, textures and colors. Her AW16 collection brings to a next level her signature style defined by the use of sharp fabrics, colors and cutting.   BLIND by JW (Walter Kong and Jessica Lau) BLIND by JW AW16 collection is inspired by the traditional Chinese tale "The legend of Tiger-head shoes". As part of their signature style, Walter Kong and Jessica Lau created a collection of unique hand-painted patterns out of the adventures depicted in this romantic and heroic story. The whimsical garments open up a new enchanted world typical of their collections. Kevin Ho One year after the launch of his label, Kevin Ho goes one step further by exploring the possibilities of combining ribbons with fabrics. Inspired by constructivism and abstract art, he creates radial patterns out of different color blocks. Lapeeweee by Yannes Wong Australian transgender model, Andreja Pejió, inspired Yannes Wong to create an AW16 collection where there are no gender identities at all. Elements commonly used in menswear such collar suits and the stripe pattern are combined with graceful lines and feminine cuttings. Likewise, by mixing a wide range of colors such dark blue, white and red the designer showcases a world without sexual boundaries.   PHOTOS BY EARTH TO IRIS.

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