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BARCELONA | A comprehensive exhibition at Caixa Forum, Barcelona, features a selection of more than 300 stills by Philippe Halsman. It depicts a magnificent journey from his early work in Paris, where he became professional photographer; to the American period starting in 1940. Halsman’s multi-faceted work appeared in advertisements for clients like Elizabeth Arden; and were published in the covers of magazines like LOOK, PARIS MATCH or the 101 LIFE Magazine. His ability to unveil the inner personality of the people he photographed is represented by unforgettable portraits of celebrities, politicians, writers or artists , like Alfred Hitchcock, Albert Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, André Malraux and Picasso, among others. Another section exhibits the remarkable Hallman’s JUMPOLOGY shooting method. Many celebrities accepted his invitation to jump. Stars like Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly, but also the Duke and Duchess of Windsor; and of course there are Marilyn Monroe’s captivating images. The Dali’s Moustache section shows Halsman’s interest in Surrealism. For instance his collaborations in various projects over 30 years with Salvador Dalí, One of his unexpected images is Dali’s mustache in Mona Lisa. PHOTOS BY EARTH TO IRIS. Address: CaixaForum, Barcelona See map. Until 6th November 2016.

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