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HONG KONG |  Traditionally watches are one of the most popular gifts to commemorate special occasions. Watches are always very personal and tend to define the style and personality of the person who wears them. But what if it were possible to take one step further and to be able to create a very unique watch that is a memento of one of your most precious moments in life? As a matter of fact, you can. Hong Kong based watches label MMT has created the world’s first EPHEMERIS watch. How did the 8 planets of the solar system were aligned the day you were born, when you graduated or when you met someone special? With a special software designed by MMT, people can go online and check the position of the planets on any given day –in the past and in the future-. The EPHEMERIS watch is made by order only, therefore it will be built with a custom-made dial plate, engraved with a unique pattern showing the map of the solar system on that specific day. The sun is always at the centre of the dial, with the Earth always placed over the sun. Baptiste Guedez and Thomas Letourneux co-founded MMT to create essential timepieces that offered an iconic and elegant representation of the complex concept of time. To achieve that, watches are carefully refined in volumes and proportions. As a result, each collection unveils a manufacturing secret by combining minimal lines and a singular experience. Guedez and Letourneux’s ultimate goal is to capture the universality of time as opposed to how each individual experiences it as each one of us live unique moments that remain special to us. EPHEMERIS is only available though pre-order for one month only (until April 24th). Once the orders have been passed, MMT will produce all individual watches. EPHEMERIS is estimated to be delivered early August 2016. Photos courtesy of MMT.

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