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BARCELONA | The exhibition at the Barcelona Design Museum displays one Century of photography through the most significant works from Spanish photographers. The stills have been carefully selected from the Museum’s own collection comprising more than 460 images by 38 photographers from the years 1903 to 2013. By the theme of Distinction, the exhibition depicts how the role of women, fashion, art, design and lifestyle developed throughout a century; as well as the rise of fashion photography as an influential art and as a platform for experimentation, innovation and imaginative images. Divided in seven sections, it starts with the early work of the first photographers before the advent of fashion photography as an industry; it passes through the era of the ‘New Vision’ during the chic and stylish 1930s when Haute Couture flourished. This was the time when young Spanish photographers emerged and their shots started to appear in magazines and ads. Ramón Batlles (1901-1983). Barcelona, 1934. Compal. Barcelona, 1934. During the 1940s and the 1950s the film industry in general and Hollywood in particular influenced photographers greatly. Their portraits had a reminiscence of the New Look created by Christian Dior. Antoni Bernard (1944). Barcelona, 1967. The section ‘Movements’ delves into the 1960s radical changes in society that deeply influenced fashion photography. Lastly, the last three sections ‘Stagins and fantasies’, ‘Portraits’ and ‘Identity and difference’ consists of a thorough showcase of the works of Spain’s prominent contemporary photographers such Manuel Outumuro, Manel Esclusa and Oriol Maspons. (Manuel Outumuro (1949). Barcelona 2005). Manel Esclusa (1952). Barcelona, 1989. Manuel Outumuro (1949). Toquio 1995. Manel Esclusa (1952). Barcelona, 1985. Manel Esclusa (1952). Barcelona, 1991. Sergi Pons (1970). Barcelona, 2008. PHOTOS BY EARTH TO IRIS. Barcelona Design Museum Address: Plaça de les Glories, 37-38 Tel.: 0034-93 256 67 70 Find Barcelona Design Museum on Google maps.   Creativity is thriving! From Earth to Iris, we want to share with you all the things that inspire us. The Inspiration Collage section complements the original content of our blog. In this ‘Inspiration Collage’ you can keep track of the exhibitions we visited, artists and creative minds we met or any other stuff we found online. Unlike the rest of our sections, some of the posts we feature here may link to external content.

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