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LONDON | Bottletop is a brand with a clear vision: to empower people globally through the design and creation of sustainable luxury goods. It all started with the simplest thing:  upcycled bottle tops. This key ingredient was cleverly combined with smart design and innovative thinking to create unique handbags in Kenya. From there, and after a crucial collaboration with the handbag brand Mulberry, Bottletop kept growing, leading to collaborations with renowned brands, artists and musicians. Their latest designs are made by highly skilled artisans in Brazil using upcycled ring pools. This new design comes in more sophisticate collections that respond to the latest fashion trends. Bottletop co-founders, Cameron Saul and Oliver Wayman, are fiercely committed to the idea of blending innovative design with community outreach across cultures. We do love their bespoke handbags. But to us what makes Bottletop relevant is how the brand has developed a coherent ecosystem around this timeless accessory. Bottletop is fashion; but it’s also a lifestyle. It calls for people to embrace alternative livelihoods. Nothing is left to chance at Bottletop. There’s always a motivation, a greater good, behind each initiative which makes each project meaningful. Bottletop works as a sustainable cycle that always comes back to the roots of the project: the people and their cultures. In Brazil, Bottletop celebrates true craftsmanship by training female artisans from local communities with new skills; and by creating employment. At a second stage, the sale of the fashion accessories fund the Bottletop Foundation that supports education and vocational projects in the UK, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Kenya, Brazil and Nepal. Ultimately, Bottletop’s final goal is to empower people globally to protect and support themselves. Major fashion collaborations are a witness to Bottletop’s successful outreach. In 2014, Bottletop partnered with Narciso Rodriguez to develop the Tranca Mistura: a bespoke hand-woven fabric combining hand painted up cycled metal pull tabs with the finest Amazon Zero deforestation leather. This new material is the basis of Bottletop’s latest collection of luxury handbags; and it was awarded the Green Carpet Challenge (GCC) brandmark for excellence in ethics and aesthetics. Just a year later, Bottletop created a limited edition collection featuring six organic canvas bag designs with the artwork of Wangechi Mutu. The goal was to support the gay rights initiatives in East Africa via Africas’out. Bottletop’s vision has also reached the Arts scene. In 2009, they launched the contemporary art program Full Circle to raise funds to support the Bottletop foundation. Fort he past 5 years, the works of leading artists have been auctioned generating funds of o£750,000. Bottletop is very sensible to cultural diversity and cultural heritage. Music projects such the two albums sounds affects Africa and sounds affect Brazil fostered their mission to create unique, original content through cross cultural collaboration. These two albums bring to the forefront the diverse soundscape of Brazil and Africa by exclusively remixing the works of local musicians with renowned international DJs. Bottletop’s call to more sustainable lifestyles culminate with the Bottletop Band. Two original studio album were recorded by exciting artists such Arctic Monkeys, Baby Shambles, Carl Barat, Gruff Rhys, and VV Brown. The original sound tracks blend Brazilian music with British rock, indie and soul. Photos courtesy of Bottletop.

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