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EXHIBITION: The works of Antonio López García (1936) were exhibited only for three days at Marlborough Gallery in Barcelona. It was very brief, but we still had the chance to have a glimpse to the creations of one of the leading artists from Spanish Realism. Probably due to our strong bond with Asia we were particularly captivated by his painting "China and Japan, Jannan and Tamio" (2014). Antonio Lopez Garcia Through López García most recent works, Marlbourugh's exhibition showed the artist's creative process and his view on the human body; which was the main theme of this exhibition. López García's work is known for his interest in representing the world that surrounds him. From urban landscapes and nature, to his unconventional interpretation of the human silhouette.  More on the exhibition. foto 4 (Prototipo para la noche, 2008) Antonio Lopez Garcia (Hombre, 2011) Antonio Lopez Garcia (Mesa de cabezas, varios niños, throughout the years). PHOTOS BY EARTH TO IRIS. WHERE: Marlborugh Gallery C/ Enric Granados 68, 08008 Barcelona, Spain. 1st to 4th October 2015.
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