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BEIJING | Youz’s SS15 collection is inspired by the atmospheric phenomenon of the wind.  It may blow from the North and be chilly, or it may be just a warmer breeze if it’s coming from the South. The wind will indeed be felt differently by each and every person. Nonetheless according to the designer Zou Yu it will always draw people back to nature, adding to human nature a common sense of belonging. For Zou Yu fashion has the power to create  this special bond between the garment iself and the person who wears it. Ultimately a particular outfit will always recreate different feelings depending on the emotions and attitudes of the person who is wearing it. Like the wind, garments carry some special energy with them that has a significant impact on people. Click the images below to enlarge the gallery and enjoy Youz’s show in full. PHOTOS BY IRIS MIR - EARTH TO IRIS.

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