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BEIJING | With his Beauty Berry collection, the Chinese designer Wang Yutao wants to create a state of introspection. He uses ancient Beijing as a source of inspiration to encourage people to engage in this process of examining one's own thoughts through his designs. The ancient capital of China is undergoing a rampant transformation and the fast pace of life prevents people from taking the time to admire Beijing's heritage. Even though Beijing is an integral part of his collection Wang Yutao claims that he doesn't want foreigners to only notice the Chinese features of his outfits. He'd like them to go beyond that and focus on how music, colours and shapes are an integral part of the modern Chinese elements of the designs.
Beauty Berry collection mixes noble royalty items with modern western elements to remind people of the importance of taking some time to enjoy the things that surround them.
Wang Yutao things the most important feature of his fabrics is that "they are as smooth as babys’ skin”. In fact, the use of high-quality environmentally friendly fabrics as the channel to trigger this peaceful state of mind granted Wang Yutao's the AW 2013 Asahi Kasei Creativity Award. Since it's founding in 2007, the prize is awarded twice a year during March's and October's edition of the China Fashion Week. Previous winners of the Asahi Kasei award: Liu Wei, Zou You, Gu Yi, Liu Yang, Zhang Yichao, Wu Xuewei, Li Xiaoyan, Shi Jie, Ji Wenbo and He Guozheng. ​Asahi Kasei Creativity Award is cosponsored by the China Fashion Week, Asahi Kasei Corporation and Asahi Kasei Textile Corporation. The China Fashion Designers Association Fashion Art Committee and China Bentley Culture Development are part of the organizing committee.​ Click the pictures below to enlarge the image gallery and enjoy Wang's show in full.

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