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BEIJING | Zhao Fei is interested in vintage style since he was a child. He is an enthusiastic young Chinese guy committed to share his passion with friends and other vintage lovers. That's how he came up with the idea of Vintage Fairs. Zhao Fei says all the vendors are his friends. And so the fairs he organises become a gathering platform where they can share their love for vintage and showcase their items. This was the third time he organises a vintage fair, and more will be coming up soon. In Shanghai, at the Trojan House the 16th of August and again in Beijing, in November at a very special location that used to be a church.  Zhao Fei thinks Chinese youth like this style because it recollects the good old days. That's probably why vintage stores are mushrooming in Beijing. And in fact, internet gives them a huge advantage. Thanks to Taobao (China's e-commerce platform similar to E-Bay and of widespread use in the country) they can share their items nationwide. These are some of the vendors I met at the Vintage Fair: Vintage DDR Yes I'm back! Zhuan Zhuan Vintage FUN Vintage and Retro Shop GUOZHUOWANG Some Times (Note that Some Times doesn't sell vintage items. I have included the shop on this list because she was sharing a stall with some friends. Some Times has an interesting selection of hand made accessories designed by its owner). Click the images below to enlarge the image gallery and enjoy the Vintage Fair in full.

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