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BEIJING | From the edgy trendy East to the young and cool West of the buzzing city of Beijing, pioneer second-hand store Trash n diamond is quickly spreading out the philosophy of clothe recycling and sustainable fashion among Beijing fashionistas. After the opening of their chic branch in Baiziwan lu, Trash n diamond is now bringing their “your trash my diamond” concept to the university area of Wudaokou. It’s a complete change of strategy compared to the first store. Willing to prove this is  a concept that fits all audiences and budgets, co-owners Fang Fang and Lin have adapted their stock to meet the younger public of Wudaokou area. Most importantly, they feel confident that by reaching this youngest audience they’ll be able to go further in their goal of changing mentalities and encouraging the Chinese to embrace the fun and magic of shopping second-hand. In other words, Trash n diamond is on a mission: to change mentalities through fashion. But fashion here should not be understood as mainstream consumption but as individuality.  Second-hand is a new form of collaborative fashion, it takes the concept of mix and match to it’s purest. A careful reminder that regardless the budget creativity is also the essential ingredient for putting together an outfit able to show part of your inner personality. Finding little treasures here and there is after all the dream of any good trend hunter. Click the images below to enlarge the gallery and enjoy Trash n Diamond in full. Photos by Iris Mir.

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