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BEIJING | Why throwing away all the stuff that you don’t want any more, when your trash can be someone else’s diamond? That is the philosophy behind Beijing’s probably first Second-hand / Buy-sell trade store Trash n Diamond. Fang Fang's love affair with second-hand stores started when she was very little. She was living in Vienna, Austria, and her father used to take her to flea markets every weekend. After studying Graphic Design and Advertising in the UK; and working as an Art Director in Apple China, in Spring 2013 Fang Fang and her friend Lin decided to bring to Beijing the magic of Recycling and reusing clothes. Trash n Diamond accepts all kinds of styles, from any age, as far as the stuff is relatively new and in good condition. There’s no time limit in the sense that they can even buy something purchased the day before.  But the store is not a melting pot where any clothing is welcome. They have a strict criteria before considering buying, which is a good thing for those in search of very special items.  Trash n Diamond has a personality of its own and you should expect a very well curated collection of second-hand clothes. For those in search of non-mainstream fashion items, this is a very good place to find those items that are the very good complement to edgy mix-and-match outfits. Click the pictures below to enlarge the gallery and enjoy Trash n Diamond in full. Address: 32 Baiziwan lu, 22 Art Street, Tower 2 Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

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