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BEIJING | Hidden in a Beijing hutong (the city’s traditional small alleys), there's a very special teashop. Tranquil Tuesdays is a place where people can have the option of having their very first (and true) encounter with Chinese tea. Interestingly, people who already have some interest in tea are those who'll enjoy Tranquil Tuesdays the most. Why? Because the best quality teas are kept for Chinese consumers and rarely exported, most people didn't have the chance to have a pure Chinese tea and experience its very different tastes.  And Tranquil Tuesdays wants to provide these tea -lovers -to -be a chance to have a one encounter with tea that is different. courtesy-tranquil-tuesdays-0014 Charlene Wang founded Tranquil Tuesdays in 2010. Inspired by her love for tea and driven by her insatiable curiosity, she wanted her project to contribute to the Chinese tea culture and help foster its knowledge.  "Popular European teas are scented and mixed, but Chinese teas are natural leaves with natural flavours and this is a whole dimension of the tea culture that is lacking", Charlene says. Willing to fill this gap, Tranquil Tuesdays achievement is to change this idea most people have of tea as a bag that one puts inside a mug with boiling water. Just a tiny minority  of tea consumers really understand tea as a natural and unprocessed leaf. Communicating the nature of tea to a global audience is a huge undertaking. But by going back to the essence of tea drinking in China, Tranquil Tuesdays manages to give tea a whole new dimension. Charlene personally does an extensive research looking for the  best teas in China. "We really care about the origin of the tea. Where the teas are from and who are making them. We build close relationships with the tea producers. I stay at their homes during harvest times", Charlene explains. Tranquil Tuesdays also organises multiple events. From tea trips to corporate events, tea-tastings and education workshops. The personal relationship they have with the whole process, give Tranquil Tuesdays' teas a special twist.  Staying away from the modern gold and red Chinese motives, the simplicity of their packaging and designs transports this audience outside China to the essence of ancient Chinese teas and their pure and natural flavours.  Tranquil Tuesdays also has a delicate collection of high quality handcrafted tea ware designed to give every occasion the perfect cup of tea. Charlene says her project is all about communicating China's relationship with tea: "it's a leaf, it's natural". Discover Charlene Wang's love affair with tea on our Tumblr. Click the pictures below to enlarge the image gallery and enjoy Tranquil Tuesdays in full. / All images courtesy of Tranquil Tuesdays. Tranquil Tuesdays Address: 71 Fangjia Hutong, Dongcheng District Beijing, China See on Google Maps  

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