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BARCELONA | THE PERFUMERY is more than a perfume shop, It’s a small place full of grace in the heart of the old city in Barcelona. THE PERFUMERY is delicately located in the middle of what used to be a very narrow street between the III C. walls of the ancient fortified city of Barcelona. The finest selection of perfumes and cosmetics are preserved inside exquisite bottles showcased in the antique walls. Such a good idea to mix art and perfume. THE PERFUMERY’s collection includes eternal perfumers that date back to 1600, such RANCÉ who created fragrances for Napoleon and became his favourite perfumer. Nowadays, a new generation of RANCÉ still make the same original formula, updated for modern clients, adding innovation to the prestige of tradition. JEAN CHARLES BROSSEAU in 1955 founded his Fashion Maison in Paris. In 1981 he created his first perfume, the legendary Ombre Rose for Jackie Kennedy. This is a feminine and classic fragrance, considered an iconic perfume for an elegant lady. At the end of the 19th, TEO CABANEL created High French Perfumery. He also designed the iconic Channel number 5. Followed by his daughter, the firm made exclusive fragances for the Duke and the Duchess of Windsor. The Perfumery also caters new generation perfumes; modern and innovative, that express something new. As CALÉ Fraganze d’Autore, by Silvio Levi, created in 2008. The perfumes made with passione and amore and using innovative ingredients like riz, wheat, oil of tomato leaves, rhubarb. RAMON MOVIZAR, based in Granada (Spain) created The Gold Collection, a fusion between jewellery and perfumery. Gold dust and white gold is added to the base component of the fragrance, which is bottled in finest crystal bottles. The perfume leaves a bright and delicate satin finish on the skin. Exquisite! Another sophisticated and original perfume, KINSKI, created as a homage to the german actor Klaus Kinski, who was a man of unexpected behaviour and a little bit crazy. In the search for unique and original perfumes , The Perfumery is the first point of sale in Europe for FUEGUIA 1833, an excellent brand from Patagonia (Argentina). Founded in 2010, FUEGUIA 1830’s philosophy is to be as sustainable as possible. The species used are native to Patagonia. Perfume’s glass bottles are recyclable. For the wooden boxes they use the wood from fallen trees in the forest.Most of the fragrances they create are really original and unexpected, presented in vocative collections: Personajes Collection: Darwin, Tagore, Humboldt… Destinos Collection: Beagle, El Dorado… Jorge Luis Borges and Friends Collection: “A Journey across the Imagery of Borges, unmasking the Scents behind his Works”. All of them impressive. Click the images below to enlarge the gallery and enjoy THE PERFUMERY in full/All the pictures are courtesy of Sandra Rojo. THE PERFUMERY Address: Baixada de Santa Eulàlia, 1 Barcelona, Spain See on Google Maps.

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